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When he did the last, Valentin even had the good nature to warn him not to take care of the silver by telling everybody about it.But to whomever he talked, Valentin kept his eye open for someone else; he looked out steadily for anyone, rich or poor, male or female, who was well up to six feet; for Flambeau was four inches above it.He alighted at Liverpool Street, however, quite conscientiously secure that he had not missed the criminal so far.He then went to Scotland Yard to regularise his position and arrange for help in case of need; he then lit another cigarette and went for a long stroll in the streets of London.He was smoking a cigarette with the seriousness of an idler.

It is quite certain that he invented a portable pillar- box, which he put up at corners in quiet suburbs on the chance of strangers dropping postal orders into it.It is due to him to say that his fantastic physical strength was generally employed in such bloodless though undignified scenes; his real crimes were chiefly those of ingenious and wholesale robbery.But each of his thefts was almost a new sin, and would make a story by itself.Lastly, he was known to be a startling acrobat; despite his huge figure, he could leap like a grasshopper and melt into the tree-tops like a monkey.Hence the great Valentin, when he set out to find Flambeau, was perfectly aware that his adventures would not end when he had found him. On this the great Valentin's ideas were still in process of settlement.

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