C form onvalidating

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When binding to an Array List, set the of a Data Column.

When constructing a Data Grid Column Style, you can also set a formatting string that specifies how the column displays data.

For example, you can specify that the column use a short-date format to display dates contained in the table.

Always create Data Grid Column Style objects and add them to the Grid Column Styles Collection before adding Data Grid Table Style objects to the Grid Table Styles Collection.

For example, you can determine the number of rows contained by a data source by returning the associated Binding Manager Base object's property.

To validate data, use the underlying objects that represent data and their events.

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For each table in a data source, a Binding Manager Base can be returned from the form's Binding Context.For example, if the data comes from a Data Table in a Data Set, use the Column Changing and Row Changing events.property, which can take either the row and column indexes of the cell, or a single Data Grid Cell.The Hit Test method returns a Data Grid Hit Test Info object, which contains the row and column of a clicked area.To manage the appearance of the control at run time, several properties for setting the color and caption attributes are available, including the , and so on.

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