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For example, feel free to tell your date what you do for a living, but there’s no need to divulge the name of the company where you work or which gym you belong to and when you usually go.

If you date asks you something you don’t feel ready to share, just say, “I don’t usually tell people that until I know them better” — by establishing this is your policy across the board, your date won’t take it personally. You get to decide how much information to collect about a person — and when (if at all) you feel comfortable meeting someone offline.

In his own online dating experiences, he’s encountered women who wouldn’t even tell him their first name – which, in his mind, is taking things a bit too far.

“When you’re a nice guy and you’re treated like a criminal, it can be a bit off-putting,” he says.

If you you’re thinking of joining an online dating agency or have already joined, be sure to practice safety guidelines. Don’t take chances when your mental, physical and emotional health could be at risk.

Here are some dating tips to practice online followed by some “offline” dating tips should you decide to meet someone. Do what’s right for you, but consider these or similar suggestions very seriously before agreeing to meet someone for the first time.

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The following information should be given to the person(s) receiving your safe calls:“Red flag” is a term to describe a personal trait or behavior that is common in people who are harmful to their partners.“Safety guidelines exist for a good reason, but you need to view each date on a case-by-case basis, and don’t let paranoia rule your experience.” Remember, getting involved with someone online is no more dangerous than meeting them any other way, and you should take some basic precautions in any dating situation.The benefits aren’t just your well-being, but increased comfort levels and confidence – qualities that always come in handy.I need to prepare a marketing report that will detail what our ROI should be.I'm looking for hard facts/statistics, preferably referencing other dating website's ROI from banner ad campaigns.

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