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‘He gave me a box set, so I sat down and watched them and it was wild to see my father act, because he’s always been a director to me. There are running jokes that you love; there is something wholesome about it but it’s also fun.’Which is how I would describe Ron’s vivacious daughter, who is married to the actor Seth Gabel (he has appeared in the television shows Dirty Sexy Money and Fringe), and has a son, Theo, nearly four.

Bryce looks about 18, although she will be 30 this March.

Her mother Cheryl is a writer who ‘was once the manager of a shooting range…she’s good at everything.

I’m obsessed with my parents,’ says Bryce fondly (so ‘obsessed’ that when she and Seth got married in 2006, they spent their honeymoon touring the Greek Islands with them! Growing up, she was not treated as a spoiled princess, as I discovered 15 years ago when I had my first encounter with her on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.

Sometimes I get the sense that it’s harder for me than it is for him because he is definitely a daddy’s boy, but juggling is something that I’m in the process of coming to terms with.’ Bryce comes from Hollywood royalty.

In his post-Happy-Days career, her father has directed a formidable list of films including Splash, Apollo 13, the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon and The Da Vinci Code.

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She’ll say, “Oh, they’re going through a divorce” or “Their kid just went off to college” or “He just got a great job”.’ In Hereafter, Bryce’s character seems light and frothy.Bryce plays Melanie, an attractive young woman who strikes up a flirtatious friendship with George (Matt Damon), only to discover that he is a psychic and has the ability to communicate with the dead.He sees his gift as a curse because it has stopped him having normal relationships.The clear, open features, fabulous red hair and sunny disposition are familiar to anyone who, like me, remembers Ron Howard as the freckled, all-American Richie Cunningham in Happy Days, alongside Bryce’s godfather Henry Winkler as the Fonz.The popular and upbeat 1970s/80s show about family life in the 50s ended when Bryce was a toddler, and Ron went on to become an Oscar-winning film-maker.

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