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The area saw numerous battles in medieval times and the fortress often changed hands between Bosnian and Hungarian armies.Doboj was the site of a particularly major battle between the Hungarians and a Bosnian/Turkish coalition in early August 1415 in which the Hungarians were heavily defeated on the field where the modern city of Doboj lies today (especially around the Makljenovac and Usora areas).According to public records 291 civilians from Doboj, of various ethnic backgrounds, perished in the Jasenovac concentration camp. Doboj was strategically important during the Bosnian War.The non-governmental organization which discovered the remains alleges that nearby pits contain the remains of hundreds more also killed by the Partisans. In May 1992, the control of Doboj by laid with Serbian forces.

From 1929 to 1941, Doboj was part of the Vrbas Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.The city was an important stronghold for permanently stationed Ustasha and Domobran garrisons with smaller German units serving as liaison and in defense of important roads and railroads.Waffen SS "Handschar" division was partly mobilized from the local population and participated in battles around Doboj in the summer and the fall of 1944.Cannabea contained Roman settlers, with the evidence of large bathhouse and concubine house for soldiers stationed at nearby Castrum.A large Villa Rustica was located at today suburb of Doboj, appropriately named Vila.

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