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Users pay a monthly fixed cost with independence of the number of requests so long as they stay within their chosen step, if they try to go over their licensed allowance the API will cap them. Note that certain API calls are only available if they have been specifically licensed, these calls are emphasized with a lock icon next to them.

Allows you to send a file for scanning with Virus Total.

Virus Total's private API is a premium (billed) interface to Virus Total's dataset and services.

Unlike the public API, its request rate and total number of queries allowed is only limited by your own terms of service, in other words, with Virus Total's private API your applications are not only easy to build and maintain, but also easy to scale as query throughput will not be a problem.

If a file did indeed produce a behavioural report, a summary of it can be obtained by using the file scan lookup call providing the additional HTTP POST parameter 'bf1635385fdf1a4c33b98164009e85a69a71347a388f7631e1c243d95695e54c'); $url = 'https://All the examples in this documentation are based in this library.Once you have the key, contact us and ask us to set private API privileges on it.This information includes Virus Total related metadata (first seen and last seen dates, number of submissions, submission file names, etc.), file tool information (sigcheck, packer information, PE structure, sandbox analysis, etc.), complete scanning information (not only the latest report but all reports on a given sample, antivirus versions and signature updates, etc.), goodware information (goodware index, Virus Total Community collective intelligence, aggregation of publicly available goodware databases, etc.) and any other data that you may think of and we can implement.This API can be used in commercial products and services as long as they do not harm the antivirus industry directly or indirectly, and as long as they comply with Virus Total's best practices .

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