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The Solution: Dating Education," it was "originally written for a recent 2009 Community Support Contest sponsored by C-Ville's Battlefield Ford." Chris added, "too bad I did not win, but I'm not giving up on teaching our future generations the basics of Dating alongside Sexual Educaiton." The fact that Chris believes that his utterly retarded idea that all high schools in the United States, possibly the whole world, should teach their students how to talk to one another (something most shy people can fix with a counsellor or a psychologist), and should be graded on how they talk to dolls, how well they study a book written by a nine-year old and how well they score on an extremely awkward paper test, as well as the fact that these schools should go directly against American anti-discrimination laws and not let homos into a required subject, with Chris saying that "it will stop people from becoming gay, since gay people usually turn when they're lonely and in their 20's" speaks volumes on how Chris views dating, education and homosexuality. If she/he gives you a wrong number, try harder on that person.

The complete essay I am one of a minority of people in the worldwide population; I am a Shy, Straight Caucasian Male who still struggles as an Adult Virgin.

We currently enforce, and have made required, Sexual Education classes in High Schools most everywhere.

That is good for AFTER Date #3 or so, but the question remains, “How do we find, attract and talk to a single member of our individually respective Opposite Gender to even have a First Date Ever With?

But mine is a mutual dream shared with every shy male in the world. How should you approach the person of your opposite gender if you are really shy?

Mine and their dreams could have been made individual realities sooner with a simple, great idea, DATING EDUCATION CLASSES.

If I had the Dating Education back then, I wouldn't have to had suffered being a frustrated virgin for soo many years. Give interest/compliments back - "I love your haircut (t-shirt, belt.

Had Chris not been sleeping or reading Goosebumps, he might have noticed that real Sex Ed courses don't provide a step-by-step description of how to pound tom-toms, but rather a source of reference for responsible sexual behaviors and the biology of the reproductive system.

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Also, later in the semester, teaching empathetic social skills that can benefit both of the straight partners in each couple. As I have proposed the idea in my adult life within my Sonichu Comic Books, and a bit before then, High Schools SHOULD have Dating Education Classes along with the Sexual Education Classes. In my humble opinion, Sex ED is fine for AFTER 3 or so DATES, but HOW DO WE EVEN GET TO THE FIRST DATE?!!! Chris seems to assume that the course provided the same educational experience he believes that he has acquired from pornography, as opposed to a run-down on sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. Give feedback, get opportunities for him to ask questions and get interested - "I'm into anime (my favorite is Puni Puni Poemy, by the way - Kobayashi Poemi is so funny!! Chris even suggested that Megan could use a refresher, hinting that it would make her feel better about being violated in vivid Crayola color: His proposed class depends on a concept that has no worldly counterpart.

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