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This aspect is the true state of personal enlightenment that we all aspire to (love) in the John of God.

Please contact us at or 0407196275Angela works as a Transpersonal Art Therapist & Counsellor and has studied various other forms of healing over the years, and is particularly fond of vibrational medicines, assisting her in being as proficient in helping her clients as she can.

We are located on the NSW Central Coast near Gosford; see our website for more info: I am passionate about health and wellness and having worked in the healing industry for the past 20 years I was very excited to visit John of God Healing Centre in Abadainia in May 2012.

The three weeks at The Casa Dom Inacio were truly life changing for me and I was thrilled to be granted permission to purchase the Crystal Light Therapy Bed.

We take small, personalized groups to Abadiania and offer our support during your healing journey and assistance when you return home.

Crystal bed sessions are a wonderful way to link up with the healing energies of the entities and continue your healing work at home.

She sought a life dedicated to the pursuit of a spiritual mission.

Her search led her to The Casa de Dom Inacio and John of God where she found support and guidance to grow spiritually and develop her work as a provider of healing therapies.

Nicole has been given permission from John of God to bring some John of God Crystal Beds back to Australia and to provide Crystal Bed therapy sessions.

We are a holistic healing service that offers a range of modalities including coaching which support you to achieve your goals, expand your awareness, enhance your self-healing and connect from within.

Also available is the Crystal Light Healing Bed that can assists in releasing any dis-ease, dis-comfort by balancing and clearing negative energies.

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