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Even in countries where a substantial proportion of the population is non-Muslim, most Muslims report that all or most of their friends also are Muslim.And while interfaith meetings and classes of Muslims and Christians are fairly common in sub-Saharan Africa, few Muslims in other regions participate in such gatherings. There you have it: Don't marry an unbeliever—that is, someone who doesn't share the basics of Christian doctrine and practice. But yes, avoiding being "unequally yoked" is an excellent biblical principle. Paul advised the Christians at Corinth to avoid entering significant relationships, such as marriage, with unbelievers.

In fact, most consider unemployment, crime and corruption as bigger national problems than religious conflict.

The belief that Muslims are obligated to proselytize is particularly widespread in sub-Saharan Africa.

Across the region, at least three-quarters of Muslims believe it is their religious duty to try to spread Islam to non-Muslims.

Lebanon is the one country in the region where opinion is more divided (52% say proselytizing is a religious duty, 44% say it is not).

In Southeast Asia, a strong majority of Muslims in Malaysia (79%) and Thailand (74%) believe trying to convert others is a religious duty.

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