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It was reasonable for the cast to expect a merge here, since in traditional 16-person seasons, the first six boots/18 days were pre-merge, then at day 19, the two tribes became one, and the game turned individual. The difference here was that this was the first season in which there were more than 17 contestants remaining after day 3.So production had plausible deniability with the excuse of needing to purge more contestants before a merge.Or would Yul have wagered (probably correctly) that production was most likely to merge them, to avoid a repeat of Koror's having to sit out more than half its tribe at later tribal challenges in ?If so, Ozzy was the smart target here, before he got a chance to win individual immunity." Not to mention double points for having a mutiny-themed "puzzle" to tie in with the twist and episode title.

But the show gets points for having a nautical-themed challenge in a nautical-themed season, if only for the opportunity to ask: "Why is that idiot Parvati standing up to paddle a boat?

But it sure looked like they were saying "Not so fast, guys." The challenge appreciation section How cool were the two challenges in this episode?

Neither has ever been attempted again, although it seems as if the reward challenge, with minor tweaks (one person per barrel, clip the barrel in to the underwater rope so that it doesn't float away during the lagoon traverse), could easily be done again.

Just as Foa Foa would later show in ) actually puts a lot of power in the hands of the minority. production interference Whenever a game-changing twist like this happens, it always begs the question of how much of it was pre-planned, and how much was thrown in by the producers to save a particular contestant or alliance.

Here, no doubt the mutiny offer had been planned in advance (otherwise the puzzle at the end of the immunity challenge makes no sense), but the timing was probably at production discretion.

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