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The RCP has reviewed trials of patients with coronary artery disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and found no increase in cardiovascular disease in smokers using nicotine gum for as long as five years.Linda Cuthbertson, of the RCP's Tobacco Advisory Group, says: 'Medicinal nicotine is a very safe drug.

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According to the NHS website, they 'do not contain toxic chemicals such as tar or carbon monoxide' and do not 'cause cancer'. The gum can cause a sore mouth or ulcers - luckily I have avoided both - while patches can cause itching, burning or adverse skin reactions.Adverse effects vary according to which NRT is used.'There is no direct evidence that NRT therapy is carcinogenic or influences the risk of any other common smoking-related diseases.' That may be. After all, even if it isn't doing me harm, it's burning a huge hole in my pocket.I chew up to 30 pieces a day - the recommended dosage is ten - spending about £26 a week on the habit.I realised how much of a problem my addiction was when I had a blood test.

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