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Roddy shares a story about a Tom Brady impersonator. Jay gets pissed on by a Portuguese labourer for presents money, and we ask what it would be like to hook up with... On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen debate what can and cannot be heard in a microphone, a Australian man who came into some unexpected money, what they would do first with a large amount of money, and a cafe with a twist. On today's episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, Jay Brody, Roddy Colmer and Travis discuss the official death count of every Black Friday ever! Roddy realizes that he might actually have Eddie's number and they decide to give him a call..

Roddy has a drinking problem and we decorate the collarbone of The First Daughter Ivanka Trump. On this week's episode Kevin And Jay talk about a Pastor using his shoe to cure herpes, NSFW body hacks, and Jay shares a story about an encounter with Kevin O'Leary. An Italian Priest is caught holding orgies in his rectory! On this week's episode the original gentlemen Kevin and jay dicuss what 2016 brought us, what Kevin would do for 12 hrs with Scarlett Johansson, celebrity deaths, and more inventions for us to have sex with. Jay and Roddy discuss what all married and attached men want for Christmas. Donald trump is president, Fidel Castro dying, how not to use a... We discuss the truth about Trump's hair work, rigged protesters and safe spaces at universities. Jay Brody is joined by Roddy Colmer, and the two discuss Eddie Vedder's Love for the Chicago Cubs!

We answer listener questions on love, Tinder, podcasting, and break-ups! On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen have a State of the Union and welcome their new co-host to the show Brian.

Listen as the Gentlemen dish out some advice the only way they know how. They then discuss Kevin's scary appointment with a urologist, Netflix and Chill phenomenon, and Kevin's recent tinder date. On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen have another round of "Things You Could Do 10 Years Ago", they talk about a Tinder love story, and Jay makes an announcement regarding his future on The Last Gentlemen Podcast. On this weeks episode Kevin is joined by friend of the show and host of the "it's weird for everyone" podcast Brian Sawyer.

On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about a new invention to clean yourself for when you don't have time for a shower, Tripadvisor removing comments from people who have been raped at Mexican resorts, and a bear that died from eating 72 pounds... On this week's episode, the gentlemen discuss how becoming a dad can change you, watching Jay shower, new allegations against Louis CK, and how banging a 10/10 is good for a marriage. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about a woman making Jewellery out of her removed vagina skin, thank you notes to Hillary Clinton and Jay fooling around with Gal Godot . On this week's episode the gentlemen discuss issues when dealing with a family member becoming a transgendered woman, Kevin goes on another shitty date and they break down a video claiming men should "Man up" and get married. On this week's episode the gentlemen discuss wanting to have all of our news delivered by actress Margot Robbie, a controversial X-Men billboard, and woman who chase down "sugar daddy's" to pay for their college tuition. On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen are joined by an old friend to talk about his various projects, awkward breakups, corner store viagra, how to make people think you're famous, and the Gentlemen are joined by the one and only Johnny Depp to talk...

Jay Onrait is a Canadian sportscaster and best-selling author who co-hosts "Fox... New details emerge about his death, rare songs are played, and Joe Rogan says some dumb as $&#@ nonsense about depression. On this week's special episode Kevin, Jay, Travis, and Roddy celebrate TLG's 200th episode. On Today's Episode, Jay Brody and Roddy Colmer bring you the best in Hilarious Gentlemenly Talk! Jay will make you rethink how much you actually care for man's best friend. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about Kevin's mechanic experience, Jay feeling guilty with his masturbation habits, and they possibly unbox the latest gadgets from samsung. Hear about Kevin's First Time doing the world's most insane psychedelic DMT! They discuss crimes against tourists that are being commited, olympians visiting a brothel . Welcome to Kevin and Sally's new podcast on The Last Gentlemen network. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about funny/interesting ways they got laid, they give advice to woman who want to pull the first move on men, and Kevin gets creeped out by Poppy. All this and more On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about Kevin's awkwardness greeting young teenage girls, Jay found a new way of getting cheap gas, and they talk about someone who was close to Jay taking her own life. On this edition of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, The gents discuss the apparent suicide of Rock Icon, Chris Cornell. We take a trip down memory lane, with some classic TLG bits. Why you shouldn't eat Pork, and many reasons you should! They talk about Sulmans experience in LA, having things stolen from you, and the effects technology is having on us. On this week's episode Kevin and special guest co-host Jay discuss the Rio Olympics. They talk about his time in the lime light, the behind the scenes of running a...On this week's Episode the gents discuss steroid use in sports, how we love to build up and tear down people in pop culture, and the gentleman of the week who buried some vodka weeks before attending a music festival. On this week's special episode Kevin interviews Comedian Mark Normand. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay pitch a new tv show that would be a hit on "rainy days", the continuing saga that Kevin Spacey has been going thru with his sexual assault allegations, and Jay shares some made up stories from when he worked in the.. On this week's episode, the gentlemen talk about American vs Canadian Brock Lesnar, Hot woman having high expectations of men, a coffee shop in Switzerland that offers blow jobs with your cup of joe, and why we should all go to Austria. On this week's episode the guys talk about allegations of Michael Jackson possessing questionable material in his estate, an electronic sniffing dog, and grown men dressing like dogs. On this week's episode the guys talk about the newest trend of lumberjack ginos, Kevin wants to have sex with his co-hosts sister and they make a commercial for the "gentlemen" fathers out there. On this week's bonus episode the guys sit down and talk with Sally Kathryn who is a dating/relationship coach.They discuss growing up in New Orleans, his lack of fear when it comes to talking about various taboo topics like race, and religion, and his take on all the allegations that Louis.. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about Kevin being a grump when it comes to Halloween and the activities associated with it, Victoria justice sex robots, and a town in New Brunswick that has set a curfew for trick-or-treating. On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about the recent passing of Canadian legend Gord Downie, Jay body shaming a man with a face tattoo, and they talk about the recent sexual assault allegations against Hollywood Movie Mogul Harvey... They talk about statistics when it comes to online dating, what wearing red means on a profile picture, and kevin uses the interview for his..

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