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Our HD quality pictures are professionally handpicked and sorted accordingly to unearth with the finest of the hottest.Catch only beautiful women with the best set of melons you admire.The following sections show one of several possible methods to get to the final destination.The log payments and the maximum weight requirement (40 kg) seems a major disadvantage of the Balloon Transport System.Crashing the balloon will result in the loss of the remaining logs, and the need to start again in Entrana with a new set of logs.Once a destination is unlocked, players may travel there from any other unlocked location, using fewer logs, and without navigating the 3 screens.After completing the Enlightened Journey quest, a player can travel between Entrana and Taverley.To unlock the 4 new routes, a player must first start from Entrana with the required 10 new logs, and navigate successfully through 3 screens to a new destination.

The main uses of the Balloon Transport System are in combination with the use of a ring of duelling teleport to the Castle Wars for banking.

Having unlocked all travel routes is one of the requirements for getting a trimmed completionist cape and master quest cape.

There are currently 6 locations that can be flown to, each needing a specific type of log and Firemaking level to attempt the flight.

There are several rocks that look exactly like the balloon landing sites before completing Enlightened Journey.

In the Rellekka Hunter area there is a snow or ice covered stone landing pad rock in the northeast.

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