Sissy dating uk dating celestion greenbacks

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I will be happy to learn a new language if required.

I found out recently that I have never been wanted by my family, so If you can help will be fantastic or find someone who can. Ello all, well I am a lil ab sissy frilly nappy dolly from UK.

If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Comments: I got started into diapers when a former boyfriend I was dating insisted I wear them.

My ex-boyfriend made sure I kept behaving like this 2 years after we broke up so I would not stop and behave as a grown woman again.

Like to meet you and get to know you and we can share more.

Comments: Hi, I have been a abdl for many years and I really like the comfort of wearing a nappy.

I wear glasses as I am short sighted in my left eye I have a. I live in a county of Essex in England As you will will read later I used to see a lady regularly, it felt somehow normal as a girl.

We decided I should have a birthday as a girl it is 29th June 1995.

I have a radar key, this key unlocks disabled toilets.

I am very sorry I have no pictures of me in my girl outfits.

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