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And I feel like they feel my love for them."As she tells it now, Hilton was just a tomboy who moved to New York from L. and started getting photographed at parties with her sister, which she discovered she could get paid for.

She began modeling, signing to Trump's agency, T Management.

Hilton has smiled and signed almost everything put in front of her, not just bottles of her Gold Rush perfume that people began lining up at 5 a.m.

to purchase, but also dozens of smartphone cases, one favorite wallet, several hastily torn-off pieces of paper reading , at least two drawings of herself, and a T-shirt emblazoned with her face alongside Britney Spears' and Lindsay Lohan's worn by 24-year- old Cristian, who observed, with some disappointment, "She still likes to party, but she's not so Ivan Guerrera, a skinny 30-something with a crew cut, took an eight-hour bus ride from the Mexican state of Zacatecas to see Hilton.

on a Saturday morning in November, Hilton isn't feeling very fun.

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Earlier, as we crouched on a balcony waiting for her grand entrance, Hilton lit a cigarette and complained in my ear, "This music really sucks." Still, she knows she has a job to do.There are, after all, sparklers bursting from champagne bottles.Hilton climbs up on the banquette, stilettos digging into black velvet.Standing next to her, I flinch as Ivan takes advantage of the chance to reach hungrily into her hair during a hug.Hilton insists it's fine."I would rather talk to some of those people than other people sometimes"—those other people being famous people, presumably—she says. "I will let people hug me, kiss me, take pictures, do whatever they want, just to make them happy.

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